Nyitott orrplasztika

Egyes bonyolult fejlődési eltérések, az orrcsúcs hiányos vagy deformált porcai csak nyitott orrplasztikával korrigálhatók. A külső hegvonal rejtetten és alig észrevehetően gyógyul.




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At the Szent Gellert Center the type of anesthesia can be choosed as local with deep sedation or  general anesthetic. The anesthesiologists are board-certified physician doctors of anesthesia who are attending physicians at University Hospital, Szeged. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Bajusz  and the patient will review the various techniques that will be performed to the nose to effect the change. There is a mini consultation done the morning of surgery with Dr. Bajusz . The patients are then brought into the operating room, and an IV, an intravenous line, is started usually in the right hand. Medications are given to relax the patient and then place them asleep. A small breathing tube is inserted on top of the vocal cords, called the laryngeal mass airway. The patients are then placed asleep under a general anesthetic for approximately one to one-and-a-half hours while Dr. Bajusz performs the rhinoplasty surgery. The Szent Gellert Center is a certified ambulatory and one day surgery center, which is one of the highest level of certifications that exists for surgery centers. Once the surgery is completed and the cast is placed across the nose, the anesthetic is turned off by the anesthesiologist, and patients are woken up and brought to the recovery room.

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